Monday, September 27, 2010

Fly London's?

There I was, back at Cuoio on Newbury Street to try on “my” Yaz Fly London’s again. The first time I tried them in black. This time, I was trying them in brown. I was worked up about the brand. Its fly logo is nifty and its tagline is catchy: Don’t walk. Fly. I was happy with the $160 price, considering that most shoes at Cuoio are over $200.

While the leather was thick and soft, the high lip rubbed against my ankle in a way that would give me blisters. The saleswoman, who’s name I will remember next time, is a pro and probably the real reason I like going there. She brought out a second pair in the same color and size, and presto, they fit! I walked back and forth, on the brink of buying, when I noticed the rubber sole was making my feet feel tired — a huge red flag in my book.

My Tsubo’s have a very similar rubber wedge sole. But instead of Fly London-type ridges, their soles have shock-absorbing bubbles placed at various pressure points. Tsubo means pressure point and the brand has successfully integrated comfort into the designs of their shoes.

After checking out Fly London’s website and some customer reviews, I am skeptical about the brand’s commitment to comfort. Unfortunately, they are not a perfect fall version of my summery Tsubo wedges, and so I left empty handed.

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