Monday, June 7, 2010

My Wolky Dion’s: Compliment 4

I’d only planned on including 3 compliments, but then I got another one last week, while biking on the Southwest Corridor Park bike path. At the intersection near the Roxbury Crossing T stop, a woman pulled up next to me, looked at my feet, then at traffic. I noticed that she didn’t have a helmet, because I remember long brown curly hair. Also, a skirt and brown strappy slip-ons. As I watched the traffic light, she said she liked my shoes and asked what brand they were.

Wolkys,” I told her. I wonder if I should start saying the full name. (These? Why, these are Wolkys from Holland!)

“Do you happen to remember where you got them?” she asked politely, over the traffic noise, as we both kept eyeing the light. There is a short window where you can cross before the cars are ready, and I was running late, so I was prepared to jump on it. On the other hand, I was also enjoying spreading the Wolky word.

Freeport. A store called J.L. Coombs,” I yelled.

“Where?” she yelled back.

“J.L. Coombs,” I said. “But I think you can get them at Berk’s in Harvard Square.” (According to Berk's website, they have six Wolky styles. On the other hand, the website has no "About Us" page, and their copyright date is 2003-2004, so who knows if it's up to date.)

Then the light changed and I took off, but even then I wished I had another shoe store to recommend. Only later, I remembered that two friends had told me that Simons in Brookline carried Wolky’s. It’s in Coolidge Corner and whenever I go to a movie next door at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, I stop in. Which is rarely. According to Simons' website, they have five current Wolky styles and two sale styles. Their "About Us" page says they first opened in 1892 on Charles Street (only sixty-two years older than J.L. Coombs)!

Below are four looks from Wolkys’ website, including lots of silver patent: the Anantara, the Cloggy, the Ballota, the Jewel. I love that black polyurethane (PU for short!) sole, one of Wolky's trademarks, for the bad-ass flavor it gives to a shoe that is orthopedic at heart. (All those straps are for folks with hard-to-fit problem feet.)

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